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Sun, Mar. 28th, 2004, 03:33 pm
The last week in perspective...

...It would be converging on a single point on the horizen, and that point would be The Future!

Um, I mean, the last week was nice! Sorry I haven't been too, er, there on Trillian. See, we had raiblu up here for his spring break. And before that, it was MY spring break. So, I should be, uh, there more.

That being said, Excel Saga is exactly what it says: Weird. XD
Thanks to Rai for introducing me to it.
Oh! That reminds me! I have a FLCL wall scroll now. We dropped by the comic shop again yesterday.
Oh! That reminds me! I had pumpkin Pocky! It was pretty good.
Oh! That reminds me! This post has gone on too long. :P

Sun, Mar. 28th, 2004 07:21 pm (UTC)

Puuchuu puuchuu. Puuchuu! *throws out prize stickers for all!*