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Wed, Mar. 31st, 2004, 10:30 am

Ugh, I'm so bad at this drawing/art thing... Maybe if I had patches saftety pinned onto my jacket, I'd be better at it. Or if I had keychains all over my backpack.

Wed, Mar. 31st, 2004 11:40 pm (UTC)

Kneaded Eraser of Yajeh: +5 to drawing skill. (And +5 attack. Hey, it's the Hebrew creation god. He's better at destroying then creating.)

Pencil Set of D!ajwe Yahumet (Male Lion Creation God): Bestows Ultra Fast Sketch feat on user, and +6 to drawing skill. Also makes the user's hair several shades darker (if you have black hair, your hair simply doesn't reflect light. Period. It's that dark). (And it makes the user smell kinda good to those with female gender or sex. If either is ambigous, it just smells kinda, um, different, but not unpleasent. +2 to charisma.)

Beret of Jyenna-Nyu's Attendents (Female Lion Creation God's, you know, attendents): Makes inspiration flow like a river into your head. The muses give you a never ending lap dance, basically. That's why you have to take it off once and a while! Also gives you + 3 any technical skill. Anybody who puts it on looks really good in it... (+2 PB)

Artimis' Portfolio: Something to put this crap (and the stuff you make) into. Can hold up to ninety fourty kilograms of matter without changing shape, gaurentees anything inside will be protected from harm, and is light as a feather, no matter how much you put into it. (Makes you look like a pro! +1 to charisma.)

Unfortunately, none of thsi exists. Too bad. I wanted to smell good. :(