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Dancing on a moon that was made for fishin'. (An elge posting.)

You know, I've been reading mirgar's LJ for a long time now, and the other day, I realized something. I think he uses his LJ rather well. By comparison, I've been just goofing off with mine. I mean, go to my journal, and scroll down. How many of those have much value to them? One out of six? I'm going to actually use this thing a little better. I mean, nobody really even knows what's going on in my life, even though they're on my friends list. So, let's start.

The last few days, I've been tired out by a few math tests and homework. However, that blasted Library Science class is over, so my Tuesday nights are a lot easier to manage. (It was only held Tuesdays.) That said, I think the math went over okay. English is the matter now... Oh, well. It's Gulliver's Travels. I think I can write about it!

That said, check this out! ELGE MIRROROROrororors.

By the way, this exchange lead to the creation of that word:
Mass Treble: It'll have to wait a few minutes, for I am LJposting!
Mass Treble: You can pronounce it 'el-jhh'.
ravenworks: That's alright! :)
ravenworks: Elge posting.

See? Balance.

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