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And now, what have you. So on and so on.

Tarnations! I'm artistically fustrated today. Oh sure, I can sketch crap with some skill now, but if it's only in my head, I... just... can't... DO-IT! I've been studying figure modeling (breaking things up into geometric sections and guidelines to assist with stuff), but it hasn't seemed to help in the slightest! Waaah!

...Now that I've cleaned my system for tonight, I'm going to bitch about Gulliver's Travels. Ready? Here goes!
Jonathan Swift is an extreme misanthropistic, whiney, mysogynist, ignorant Englishman (the last part isn't a problem), and he wrote a badly edited, wandering, incoherent, and miserable satire (with too many targets) that missed the target not only in our time, but his, as well! If I could, I would club him with the manuscript- once for every page I endured, and smack him a final time for thetakogun. I fully apologize to each and every one of my fellow English students for EVER claiming it would be a fun book to read and write about! I'm sorry cool woman who sits in front of me! I'm sorry, Theta! I'm sorry, Casey! I'm sorry, woman in my art class! I'm sorry guy that sits in the back of the class! I'm sorry, other people that don't show up enough to mention!

...Now that I've cleaned my system for tonight, I- woah, deja vu.

Oh! I finally roused myself to clean up my playlist and digital music collection! I could listen to music for almost two days solid, and not hear a repeating track. Why did I do this? Well, Theta did a little digital magic, and we can transfer files from each other's computers with ease now. I'll say no more.

I can't think of a way to cleverly set this one up. So, I'll just say... developers, developers, developers, developers, developers- take it!- (developers, developers...)

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