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Wed, Apr. 7th, 2004, 08:49 pm
Post from yesterday...

It looks like spring has hit Fairbanks. The snow is melting now, much more than before. Outside of the building where we live, there's a spring from the rock and cement pillar (I'm calling it the MBS spring, after the building the water is coming down from). Farther downhill, after the stairs descending to the Wood Center, we have the Wood Center Pond, where about three inches of water is trapped between the stairs, and the slight incline of the Center itself...

Guess what? Turns out that I have five credits just sitting around in UAA! So, transfering them up here. Or, well, trying to. Tomorrow's project is that, along with signing up for this fall's classes. You know what class I know I'm taking? Drawing II.

No. I will never give up! ^^

I promise that the following is not a journal meme.
Jade Cat of the UJ message board has something to say:

"Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot
Deba Uba Zat Zat A-num Num
Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot
Deba Uba Zat Zat A-num Num
A-hoorepa Hoorepa A-huh-hoorepa A-num Num
BA-hoorepa hoorepa A-huh-hoorepa
A-num Num

Curiosity killed the cat."

Heh heh heh... I said a journal meme. Fu fu fu... >: ]

Thu, Apr. 8th, 2004 03:49 pm (UTC)

I dunno if I would call it spring yet... it could be one of them false springs that we've been having the last few years >.> It gets all nice and snow melts then BAM! Blizzard in the beginning of May. It's freaky. It sucks too. I hope this is the one and only spring we get though, it's nice to be able to walk outside without a coat on and still be warm.

The parking lot here where I live is starting to get its usual lake right in the middle. >.> Funness. It's great to walk through when you have a huge hole in your shoe -.-