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How looooong... Has this been going on?

Went on a walk tonight, and met a few nice people around. That was nice. I need a little serenity now and then...

Doing a little better with my math classes now. Tomorrow is going to be hectic, though. Ugh. I have to get up early. This Elge post is most likely the last thing I'll do tonight.

Heh. check it out. A mosaic of George Bush made entirely of pictures of... Well, it tells you at the top. And while we're on it, here's another of Ashcroft, with little porn pictures. (Not, well, anyplace safe.) Okay, a little immature, but I like them, especially the latter. "Little porn pictures" is a phrase that amuses me for some reason

Now, for something more intelligent! This web page is really interesting. It's called, "The Uncanny Valley." The charts themselves, a result of a robiticist's study, shows the relation between reactions of humans to appearance in the first, and movement in the second. The application of these ideas is much farther reaching that this, though.

Well, goodnight!

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