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Sun, Apr. 18th, 2004, 10:47 pm

HEY EVERYONE! Join the party! XD It's the most comments he's ever had one post! It doesn't matter how stupid it is, just say it! XD

In other news, um, dinner was good. : )
(Deleted comment)

Sun, Apr. 18th, 2004 11:57 pm (UTC)

Love is hate turned upside downs!

Mon, Apr. 19th, 2004 08:06 am (UTC)

This has nothing to do with the content of your post. But who cares.

Your icon makes me smile. I like it.

Mon, Apr. 19th, 2004 11:50 am (UTC)

Hee, yeah, isn't it awesome? We had a lot of fun making the two different versions of the icon. Theta there has the other one.

Mon, Apr. 19th, 2004 01:39 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous): Guido Jacobs

Yep, it really suits you ^_^ I wanna see the other one! :D
(Deleted comment)

Mon, Apr. 19th, 2004 03:26 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous): Guido Jacobs

you should put them together and make it animated! XD