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In the crotch of my drawing and anthropology class, there's an Elge post. Hee.

(What an obscene title to a... nm.)
Loooong time between updates, and I haven't been on lately, I'm sorrysorrysorry! I've been busy finishing school stuff, and trying to get my sleep cycle back in order since our three-day-weekend.

So, I only have a few more classes before the finals. Ulp. I'm ready, though! Come on, finals. I'll take you all on! (Preanthrocalculusish exam?)

My truck is about ready for the trip back to Palmer, which is long way. It will be an eight-hour drive, and then I'll unpack my stuff. I'm going to be bushed, especially considering I have a precalc final on Saturday, which is also the day I'll be making this drive. Ech. See Fairbanks in the center? See Anchorage? See Palmer in itty-bitty print at the top? This should give you a good idea of the trip I'll be taking back home. This time, I'll have tuna sandwiches. Bring it on.

In any case, now that I've finally gone through all of T's music, let's load my new playlist! : )
Me: Oh, shit. o_0
RAM: I'M SHriiinki~ xo"
Windows: *Gasp!* RAM full! 0_0 *GASP!* Pagefile full! X_X EVERTHING'S FULL! END OF WORLD AAAAAAH RUN CRAPILY~! X_X
RAM, Winamp, Windows: *SPAAAZ* X0
Me: Aaaaah, shit. ()- _-

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