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"I read books, Eddie!"

Last night, I finished reading Bob Levin's The Pirates and the Mouse: Disney's War Against the Counterculture. I find the subtitle to be misleading; the book was more centered around one big legal battle, instead of a series of corporate actions. It was a combination of informal and formal-- an "autocritography," if you're willing to take that-- narrative. To summerize the whole thing, it was about a group of underground comic comic artists, the Air Pirates, and Disney's response to several of the works they produced. I found it to be frequently insightful, especially in the last few chapters. If you're into copyright law, UG history, perversion, comics, hippiness, art, seeing big ol' corporations getting really pissed off in court, jokes about the Irish temperment, and combinations of all these subjects, then this is a great read. (As for me, I'm adding a bunch of those things to my Livejournal interest list.)

Additionally, I also finished reading the second book of Art Spiegelman's Maus. It illistrates the exchanges between the author and his father about his experiences in "Hitler's Europe" (as the psuedo-jacket puts it). The reader can't help but sucked right into Art's family and life in this work. I don't think I can ever forget the style they are illistrated in. So simple, so low-detail... so terrifying. I think the avererage person would be irritated by the work, though. For one thing, it lacks any kind of satisfying conclusion, because it isn't a novel. Secondly, I think a lot of people would be constantly bothered by the fact all the people are drawn as extremely simple funny animals at best, and furiously enraged at this bold artistic move at worst. (If you're asking why yourself, you'd have to read it to understand: it just works, unless you're trying to be difficult. Third(ly?), many people I talk to are "tired of holocaust stories." (Those last people disturb me, because that means they have to be reading or watching a lot of "holocaust stories" willingly to ever get "tired" of them.) Too bad; it's great stuff!

I should have something else to review here... Oh, right! I also read Jhonen Vasquez's JTHM: Director's Cut. Yeah, I finally read Johnny the Homocidal Maniac. The artwork was nifty, enough so that I think it was the entire work's best attribute. There was definately a lot of psychology in it. However, I found the work as a whole... somewhat empty. Vasquez seemed to be looking for some sort of direction, but it never seems to find it. That sucks. It would be great to see what he could do if he knew what he was going to do so he could do it. (Hee hee!) Anyhow, a lot of it was, when it was supposed to be, really amusing. The same sense of humor I loved in "Invader Zim" can be seen here, too, just in much less quantity. I don't know who to recomend this to; some people would like it, others, not. (We should all read it, and combine into one being in a big stock footage transformatiobn sequence, point at the book, and yell, "WE/I FEEL COMPLETELY AMBIVALENT ABOUT THAAAAT!" Oh, c'mon! It would be fun!) So, the question I have to ask myself is, "Should I read Vasquez's other, newer stuff?" And I would answer myself, "Eh, sure." Then, I would respond, "You two wanna go get ice cream after?!" And we would be like, "Sh'up!" And I would be like, "Make me!" And I would be like, "...Kay!" And I would start fighting myself, and somebody would walk in, and I'd look really stupid. I've decided not to get any more books until I can deal with my little multiple personality issue.

Oh, and it seems I lost my india ink! :(

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