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Sorry about not being on last night! After dinner, I came down stairs and just fell asleep... and didn't get up until halfpast ten this morning! Over fourteen hours of sleep! Unbroken, unpleasent dream-filled sleep, too.

The morning before, we went to Anchorage, and did some stuff. After we got back, I cleaned up and mowed half of grandma's lawn. Today, I mowed ours, and finished hers. At the time of typing this, I just got out one of the longest, greatest showers of all time. In another hour or so, we're going to be having grilled stuff with stuff, and stuff. Mmmmmm stuff!

But enough of the trivial. It doesn't look like-- at the moment-- that I'm going to be able to get that job on the road like we were all hoping. This really sucks, because twelve weeks of it, and I would have all the money I needed for a year of college. The rest of the summer would almost be enough for two years. Two summers of that and I would have been done. All the money I would need would be right there.

That's why I'm dissapointed about it falling through like this. I suppose I saw it coming. It wasn't a pessemist too-good-to-be-true feeling, but I could tell from the way Dad talked that it was kind of uncertain. Oh, well. My potential consolation prize? A roofing job. Brutal, but it's much better money than Carr's! It'll (hopefully) pay the way through a year, I'll just be doing it the whole summer.

The other day, I talked to somebody who's reaction to this entire Iraq mess was, "We should pull our troops out... and then make the God-damned country a glass parking lot." Now, I would have written this guy off as an asshole with a stupid sense of humor, but he really meant it. He wasn't the first. I'm hearing the same line from many different people. That's kind of worrying. That means a) we have an epidemic high of people with a stupid sense of humor or b) we have a very disturbing political atmosphere developing in the U.S., or at least in Alaska. (Well, we've always had an odd political atmosphere up here, but I'm going off-topic...)

Genocide. That's what a portion of my fellow American citizens seem to want.

Thing is, I really don't want to believe this. I would rather believe that I just have bizzare luck, and I'm running into all the nation's nincompoops. I would rather think that I live in a country who's populus treats matters of war, life, and death with full understanding and maturity.

In any case, the next time I hear the "glass parking lot" quip, I'm just going to zen insult them. (I'll call them an empty-headed buffoon by not calling them an empty-headed buffoon.)

...And I have a sunburn from all the mowing. D'oh!

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