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Feelin' a little better tonight.

Not through the day, but tonight I feel a little better. Still no luck job hunting, but I'm keeping the chase. See, if I can get a job that pays over ten bucks an hour here in the valley by the end of the week, things'll be sweet. Now to actually find one!

Well, at least I'm drawing more now. I find that with a little music on, I can kind of lose focus on my problems, you know? That's been my issue lately with anything: I can't do anything because of... well... worry.

Like I said to dad earlier, that's my biggest character flaw: I'm a worrier. (Being a loudmouth took second. :P) I'm having bad dreams, I've been stressed out, pacing in circles, unable to focus on things, my stomach's starting to bother me... Sigh... Good thing I'm loosening up now.

Speaking of drawing, I've been doing a lot of my usual figure sketches, but this time I fleshed one out. At first, I was like, "No, I shouldn't..." then I gave up and just did it out of boredom and 'wheeee!'. I feel so awful now. XD
It's cheesecake! It's sinful! It's CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE! :)

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