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A Meme and a dream! I should post them together everytime! :)

Heh, look: the meme is not only made by a friend, guido_jacobs, and pretty good, it's also related to my last post! XD

The red wizard
You are the intellegent red mage, using the advance
mind to outsmart your opponent. My opinion?
Nah, you're too smart for me.

What Final Fantasy class are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

That's what I got before, too!

I actually help him finish it up. We added a few more classes. It has blue mage, summoner, white mage, berserker... all kinds of results! It would make us happy if you gamers were to try it out.

(This dream is from a few nights back, but I still remember it really well...)

I was in a big o' building that seemed to be only one floor, but with a really high ceiling, and lots of variety in massive, warehouse-like rooms. I mean, this thing had to be over a million square feet of floor space. The rooms were all a big jumble, with no real pattern to them. One room seemed to stretch out forever, like a big indoor field, and with a really high, cathedral-like ceiling. Some rooms were connected to halls, others were only connected to other rooms. I don't remember there being any light switches or lamps, but there was always lots of natural sunlight in every room, from some sun-light. At one point, I wanted to see a place that was night, and I found an entire “region” that had big domed ceilings that you could see the starry night sky through. They were hard to navigate, though, so I went back.

The rooms had little in the ways of decoration, but what stuff that was laying about was very interesting. There were lots of plants around, and in the bigger rooms, trees! I also saw odd objects that I didn't understand, and sometimes thing that looked a little like furniture, but I couldn't figure it out.

I started feeling a little lonely, but I could hear all kinds of creatures throughout my little explorations. Finally, I found a hallway that was oddly clear of any objects, and tried to open one of the double doors I saw on one side. The first was locked, which was really weird. None of the doors I found before were. The other double doors were open, though, and I went through those to find a massive room filled with scared-looking people. “Oh, Jesus! We thought you were dinosaurs, coming to get us!”

After they calmed down, they took an interest in me. They tried to go back to what they were doing, but they always kept watch on me. There were all kinds of people: young and old, men and women, and all kinds of ethnicities. I got to actually striking up a conversation with a big, shirtless white guy that was trying to build a little sub-room (badly, might I add). He told me that they all ended up in “The Place,” and they found a room they could hide and live in. I asked him what they were hiding from, and under his breath, as if it might be overheard, “The dinosaurs.” I noticed how simple their clothing and building skills were, and deduced they weren't too advanced in the fields of engineering, artistry, and craftsmanship. I also thought that maybe they had just kind of ended up there somehow, so they might have come from a later time, but isolated from society, they were comparatively helpless.

Suddenly, time passed really fast, and I noticed that who had once been children were fully grown. The little sub-rooms and structures they had been making were replaced with much higher-quality works. Their clothing looked tons better, and they were making all kinds of jewelry and body paints. (Temporary body-art seemed pretty popular with these people. I'll admit I thought it looked pretty darn good in the dream!) I tried to slip out of this big area without them noticing, but they all looked toward me when I opened one of the double doors. They seemed less afraid then their parents, but still pretty cautious.

I left because I wanted to see the dinosaurs. I just had to. It was too interesting to pass up!

So, I wandered down the hallway, through a few rooms, past a flight of big flight of stairs like the ones at my old high school (I promised myself to come back to these later, for they were the first stairs I had seen), and then I heard voices coming from a nearby room.

There wasn't a doorway, but instead giant gap where one should have been. Inside, I saw... dinosaurs. They were unlike any I had ever seen in books. They stood on two legs, but much more vertically than one would expect. The had forest green skin on the underside of their jaws and bellies, that mottles tree bark brown until it is solid. Their jaws and teeth quickly indicated they were either herbivores, and maybe omnivores. They had a familiar adornment on the back of their head, enough that I could argue that they were some genetic variant of Parasaurolophus (look it up for a good visual aid). There were a few of them in the room, in a circle. They all looked at me in anticipation and wonder, glanced briefly at one another, then back at me. One of them said clearly, in a feminine voice, “What IS that?”

“You're, um, sentient!” I said, astonished.
“Likewise.” a male next to the first pleasantly responded.

He beckoned me closer, and I sat with them. That much closer, I could tell that their arms had reasonable hands on them, with opposable thumbs and everything. I talked with them for a little bit, and the first one that spoke, the woman, she remarked, “What are you, darling?” This was a very odd question to be asked, because... I didn't know. I thought about the humans before, and they responded to me very oddly. They watched me like I was the most interesting thing they had ever seen. I asked them about the settlement nearby and they all politely laughed.

“Ah, the humans,” the male responded with what I can best describe as a high English accent. “They're paranoid creatures. We like to give them their respective distance.”

I asked them if there were any other dinosaurs living in the building, and he thought for a moment. “There's... all types of people living here. We all started showing up here one day, and we've lived rather happily since then. So, I think your kind might follow the same pattern. I look forward to seeing more of you! You're seem like a reasonable and intelligent lot. Not to be harsh, but you're a much better step up from the humans.”

At this point, my confusion and wonder could no longer be contained, and I inquired where I could find a reflective surface of some sort.

The other male-- who was on my direct left at this point-- said in a deep, gruff voice, “Up those stairs, you should find a large mirror I made, friend.” I thanked him, told the others I would return shortly, and rushed up the stairs, saw a large, golden, gorgeous mirror off to my immediate left, ran up to it, and-

Then I woke up. X/

It was a very, very vivid dream. It didn't start out so vivid, but near the end, my entire brain was up. Thing is, I didn't remember or even think it might have been a dream. When I started looking for the supposed dinosaurs, it might as well had been real, it was that vivid. Color, temperature, smell, light, sounds: perfect, all of it. Looking back, it was lucid at that point, although I didn't know I was dreaming.

Looks like it might have been under heavy Dintotopia influence, but I haven't looked at either of mine if forever now, so that's ruled out.

If I learned anything from this dream, I think it was that I'm an introspective sort. I mean, I would rather find out more about myself than talk with dinosaurs. That says something.

In retrospective, I think what woke me up was the rush to the mirror and the excitement at seeing my reflection that woke me up. If I had gone up the stair to begin with, and looked at myself to begin with, would I had woken up? And...

...What was I?! I can't stop thinking about it! xo
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