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Short and semi-coherent. (Gary Coleman?)

Most of my dreams seem to include really personal and boring things, so I don't really bother to even think about those. Once and a while I'll have one that I think is worth sharing; last night was one of those whiles.

A forenote: I both was and was not present during all of the following dream events: I was a silent astral companion that is incapable of interacting with the world: a natural-born observer.

I was looking over the shoulder of a teenaged boy as he looked out of a door window. The window was mostly wrinkled glass, so it was hard to see out of. Suddenly, I heard foot-falls on the gravel outside, and the boy flinched and began to pull back from the door. He wasn't fast enough: the door violently opened into his face, and he fell on his back. A light-skinned woman wearing odd fur-insulated winter-gear stepped in from the snowy outside world, and pulled her head-covering back to reveal black hair with orange streaks; her violent reptillian eyes were likewise colored: black and dark orange retinas. She made a deep snarling sound that no human could ever hope or want to imitate, trampled over the poor teenage boy, and stormed her way to the door on the far side of the small room. Upon jerking door number two open, she witnessed a flurry of movement as several people either fled the room or attempted to hide. It was a kitchen and dining room: around the outside edges of the room were outfitted kitchen counters and the center of the room boasted a large table and several chairs. The frightening woman-creature puffed in fustration and rushed through an open doorway beside her into a room with a few couches and a television. Here she stopped and stared at something just out of my line of sight, and said something I didn't understand.

Another female voice answered inside, and I somehow moved through the wall to rest beside an indignant-looking woman. She looked as though she was in her mid-twenties, had light skin, dark hair, and frightening eyes that look identical to the ones on the other scary woman. She was wearing a simple black skirt, and had her arms crossed. They were making eye contact with one another.

The two started a complex dialouge that I couldn't understand directly, but indirectly got the gist. The (slightly) older 'woman' was the younger one's mother. The mother seemed to be very angry, and was yelling at her daughter. The daughter was hardly moved by this, and responded likewise. The mother's arms warped and turned into snake-like tendrils that coiled around the leg of her daughter, as an intimidation tactic. (That cut it: they certainly weren't human.)

I couldn't tell exactly what they were argueing about, but eventually they stopped and just stared fustradedly at one another. Suddenly, the mother seemed saddened by something.

I don't know how, but I was in the memories of the mother. She was floating far above an icy road while snow fell all around us. I could hardly see because it was dusk and the snow. The road was on a large hill, and was flanked by country houses and cottages. I noticed that I was falling, and had to think really hard about staying afloat. The mother, however, had no such problems. She zoomed over me, holding something close to her chest with both arms. Eventually, I caught up with her as she landed next to a distant house near the top of the very top of the slope. There was a greenhouse-like attachment to the main house, which was big enough on its own. She walked into a side door and somehow ended up inside the greenhouse. I only saw her as a blur, because something about the glass (was it glass at all?) obscured everything inside. I moved through, and she was standing over a platform of some sort. It was very warm and humid inside the inside this place. She softly spoke some friendly, warm words to whatever she was standing over, and walked to the door she had entered through. I walked over to the platform, and there was a very odd creature laying on it's back: it was like a mix between a frog and a newt, and was black with orange stripes. Suddenly, I understood: this was the daughter! Whatever these creatures are, they became human-like as they mature. I looked at the mother, and she was standing proudly at the door, a very nasty dog-like creature at her side. This was obviously her home.

We were back in the present. The daughter said something softly, and the mother looked over her shoulder into the kitchen. The people that were intent on hiding were now watching shyly, including the boy that had been trampled earlier. The mother returned her look to her daughter and began to speak in hushed tones, even though she knew she was going to be overheard. After listening to her talk for a short while, I began to realize what they had been argueing about and the meaning of the mother's visit to this place.

The daughter lived in this house, placed her by her mother some time before. The mother had the intentions of ruling the world, and she was going to use her daughter to conquer the humans. I don't know how that was supposed to work, perhaps she had power over minds or something, but the daughter wasn't following the program. In fact, the daughter had grown to quite like humans, and wasn't going to do a thing to control or harm them. The mother was torn because, although she might be considered a monster, she loved her daughter, but also wanted to be master of the humans and the world. The daughter also loved her mother, but was disgusted by her mother's ambition and the idea of harming anyone.

It was snowing hard outside, but I could still see the sunset.

This dream may have been trippier than the last one because of the floating, and the mixed imagery of the reptillian-amphibian women! Seriously, though, I wonder what's going on with all of the familial relations in my dreams. Mother, father, daughter, mother, brother, and so on. I don't have any relationships that look anything like this. Dear mother and my sister used to fight a lot, but it didn't go anything like the arguement these two had, nor did the two look anything alike. I wonder where I'm getting these connections.

And what was with the take-over-the-world thing? It reads like a crappy sci-fi-fant novel. Is this stuff actually rolling around in my head?

On the other hand, it sure was fun to float through a blizzard over cozy lit-up houses like that. It was very scenic and fun. I highly recomend it.

That's another thing! What's up with all the snow and sunsets in this dream? So odd...
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