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"I'm kupo for kupo nuts!"

Agnostic #1: You're an agnostic, too?
Agnostic #2: Yes! Number two, in fact!
Agnostic #1: Secret agnostic handshake!
Agnostic #2: But I don't know what that is!
Agnostic #1: EXACTLY!
Agnostic #1 & #2: AHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!

(These little skits go through my head all the time. If I had a notepad around, who knows what kind of effect I would have on the world of entertainment and thought. Apocalypse, I'll bet; instead of meteors of a sea of fire, it would be a hailstorm of bizarre humor.)

Oh, and one more thing. I memenapped this from makzu and then twisted it all up:

2% of the teenage population hasn't tried pot. If you're part of the 98% that isn't square, copy this into your journal.

Feel free to beat me like a pikachu, Makzu: I have it coming! : D
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