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Better call the waaaahmbulance!

I had a horrible weekend. I was drafted into playing taxi for a friend I haven't seen in months — we hardly got to talk at all during the day — so he could go to a LAN party where I was reminded why I don't do that LAN-computer-geek-gamer stuff. After, I got to get ridiculed because I didn't know where the house of somebody I don't care for was. I didn't get to anything fun the whole weekend, my dear ol' dad and I are about to start screaming at one another for a few different reasons, I have to do never-ending yard-work in unbearable un-Alaskan heat, and I don't think I'm going to have enough money as-is to pay for college. Since Saturday, I've been assaulted by and reminded of all the feelings of insecurity, doubt, worthlessness, helplessness, inferiority, and primal fear from high school. Finally, I have this horrible nagging feeling of loneliness —

“That sounds like a case of the MONDAYS!

* Waaaaaaahmbulance screeches to a stop! *

Me: Oh, finally! I've gone into Young Angst, my chronic Artist Inferiority Syndrome has flared up, and my Single Loser Disease has spread into my brain!

Paramedic: Dear God! Administer a “Quit whining!”, STAT!

STAT: A-okay!

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