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Dreams and drinks. (Gags inside!)

Well, I guess I better post another one of my friggin' dreams:

I was watching a large vehicle move toward us. It was heavy machinery, no doubt: the device was like a metal-plated silver house with tank treads. As it rumblingly approached, many human-sized figures could be seen on and in the great machine, operating it. I turned to the man beside me, and he informed me that, indeed, these people-like things were operating the device. The machine turned to rest beside us and it's great engine(s?) roared down to a purr, and silenced to a great hissing sound of heated metal and hydraulics. The bizarre figures that I saw before were now leaping off of various platforms on the machine, or climbing out of nooks and cockpits I had not seen in the distance. They were indeed bizarre: their skin was like plastic, and their joints seemed artificial — toy-like. I was reminded of the small Lego-people that came with the sets of bricks that I spent so much time with as a child.

They grouped in front of us, and I noticed that they weren't exactly alike on another: they were various heights, and some had eccentricies in colorations (although they were mostly yellow and blue). The man that was with me the entire time stepped forward and talked with one of them, and I learned that they spoke very well, identical to an educated human in tone, vocabulary, and eloquence. After the brief exchange, the man walked past me and opened the door to a very large garage, revealing large warehouse-like space. There was metal shelves on one side and boxes on side; the other had a swimming-pool-like vat of a thick, dark fluid. The man grabbed one of the bizarre figures and thrust it into the pool, and it sunk into the murky fluid. I was worried about the being, but the man said that it just needed to be improved.

“It's kind of like an upgrade.” he explained. He asked me to help him get the others in. I looked back at the pool, and I clearly saw an odd bulge appear and disappear in the fluid: it was the top of the 'head' of the figure he had just shoved in; it was standing on the bottom of the pool. Somewhat assured that they would not be harmed by this, I assisted getting the rest of the figures into the 'pool'. All we had to do was hold their arms as they went into the liquid: they practically walked in themselves. The skins, or rather surfaces, of the beings felt like like it looked: the closest texture I can think of is the soft plastic on the jewel in the center of the Gamecube game console or the transparent plastic on my keyboard. I asked one of the last of the beings if the experience — of being placed in the liquid — bothered it any, and the figure answered that it causes them no discomfort.

After a few minutes of watching the tops their heads appear and disappear on the surface of the fluid, the man walked over to a panel on the wall and pushed a large button on it. This caused a grating inside the vat to rise, pulling up the standing figures and draining all of the dark liquid back into the pool. (If you've ever worked at a fast food restaurant, think about the fries: it was the same sort of concept as that, only on a much larger scale.) The figures looked entirely different now: now they were a semi-transparent light blue and they had neon-green cables inside that seemed to be like their skeletons.

However, one of the beings didn't look so well at all: its surface was warped and rough, like a dog chewed over its entire body. Additionally, it was now jet black or dirty yellow in uneven splotches. I asked the man about it, and he said, “She didn't make it through it.” She?! I looked at the being again, and it said about the same thing, in a noticeable female voice. She also assured me that she felt no discomfort, despite her gnarled appearance.

In reflection, these things were like golems of classic Judaic literature, only with space-age materials instead of clay. However, that idea never occurred to me until I looked back on the dream. Intelligent golems of plastic-like material. What an idea! Contact a Jewish priest immediately! Whoo! Science and religion unite!

Space-Age Golem: My OS was written by God.
Random guy: Mine, too!
SAG: Is yours full of bugs, as well? : \
RG: You know it. : /
Jewish priest, to me: Maybe we shouldn't have done this.
JP: Don't use G's name in vain.
Me: M'bad.
RG: Error 289: stress-induced breakdown! XP
SAG: Oh, I hate it when that happens. He's going to have to reboot.
JP, SAG, RG, & ME: * Push little icons on our chests! * REBOOT!

I was talking to a coworker today, and we were talking about dreams. I remembered a reoccurring dream I had when I was young. I've always thought about it, but I never posted it here because it seemed so trivial and personal. However, if I can tell a coworker when talking about dreams, I guess I can tell you people, too.

Basically, there was a massive red dragon-like creature in expensive, formal clothing, and he was — I can't think of a better word for this — mean. Really mean. He made me feel worthless by saying horrible things to me, but he was about a hundred feet tall, so I couldn't do anything about it. I remember he would try to show me things, and would try to carry me places to do so, but he was so rough that I would get hurt in his big, sharp claws. Even then, he didn't slow down, or apologize, or anything. He was horrible. I hated him, but every few nights I would end up having to listen to him belittle me, and just generally get harassed by him.

Looking back on those dreams, that giant dragon-like man was all of my teachers, the schools, and the will of society rolled into one and personified. This explains why I ceased having this dream when I got older and things changed: I got more control over my life.

...That being said, isn't it just bizarre that the text description of this nightmare being almost fits Llewellyn from Ozy & Millie? I happen to really like Llewellyn, too. Crazy. On the other hand, they are actually really different; he looked more like the dragons from Altermeta... kind of. Although, I like Altermeta, too. Huh, I guess I did get over it.

cnipur, don't say anything to tombfyre about this: it's just coincidence, and his character is nothing like my nightmare acquaintance. If I get a comment from him or anybody else going, “raaawr!” I swear I'll start throwing telephone poles!

Well, the title says “Dreams and drinks”, so I guess I better fulfill that. The other day, I was... well, let's just say I was at a LAN party at a local place called Digital Cup, and I decided to try a drink that seems popular amongst people who go to LAN parties: “Bawls.” Greg from Real Life Comics seems to like it a lot, and actually did a few comics on it — mostly about the name. At the LAN party, there were three empty bottles of it laying about. When I openly asked about it, the entire room seemed to pressed that it was worth it. At $2.05 and 10 fluid OZ. (296 milliliters to people who live in parenthesis, you know: real people), it had better be. Negative two dollars and a nickel later, and I had my very own Bawls.

It tasted like Sprite and Mountain Dew mixed together. You know a good word to describe that taste under the circumstances? Disappointment. It tasted like disappointment.

I like Sprite, and Mountain Dew is tolerable, but their lovechild is overpriced and over-hyped. The flavor didn't come on strongly, like a caramel-based drink, but was more subtle, like a high-quality lemon-lime-style beverage. It was very bubbly in the mouth, like Sierra Mist. It wasn't bad, but it failed to be especially in any way good. Furthermore, as I found out while inspecting the bottle, this drink has a lot of caffeine in it. As in, they put it in. With hammers. “They” being several burly men. The back actually reads, “Warning: This product contains high levels of Caffeine.” I'm curious as to how I missed this. And the several burly men.

The bottle itself is glass, dark blue, and covered in ominous little studs. I must apologize for this connection, but this thing looks like one half of a sex toy. The little studs provide excellent grip, but when I bring the bottle to my mouth, I feel my hands send a quick message to my mouth, and my mouth says, “Uh-uhh, boi: that be a big o' studded dildo. We ain't gonna' be doin' that anymo'e. We done l'ned ow' less'n.” Of course, I show my mouth that I know what I'm doing, AGAIN, and it responds with, “Honey, this taste like Sprite mixed w' Mountain Dew. Kinda dis'pointy — Hey, wh'eh them big, burly men goin' off t'? Theys look like theys taste pr'tty good!” Now you know why I talk too much: I don't like to listen to my own mouth that much.

RG: Error 199: Grossness factor exceeded! XP
SAG: Oh, man: here we go again! : \
GOD: I knew I should have used open-source.
Linuphises, Angel of Nerds: It was a reasonable idea... Perhaps a duel-boot from now on?
GOD: Multiple personalities? Eh, let's give it a go. INSTALLATION GO!
LAN (I planned it that way! ^________^): DONE! REBOOT!
Everyone: * Push little icons on our chests! * REBOOT!
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