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Ignore this post.

...Why did you click that? 0_o

Oh, well. You're here; let's get started.

I was pondering time travel this afternoon. One day, we'll have acsess to genetic splicing, and all kinds of bio-chaos and dismorphic nonsense will ensue. (I hope to live to see this.) This eventually lead the possibility of an eccentric anarchistic fetishist to modify himself with a few choice genes (equine, in paticular), time travelling back to catch a younger version of himself in a disadvantaged position. He would cryptically quip, "Go where no man has ever gone before!" and -- after few swift moves -- ravage himself with his modified, gargantuan genitals.

See? We would need time police.

...NAAAAH! >: ]

(The only reason I posted anything was to push whatever is messing up my friends page out. My apologies to any innocent minds damaged.)
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