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Now for some prattling. Yay prattle!

I was recently thinking about Sherlock Holmes exploring Warehouse 23 while taking my ritualistic after-work shower when I had the oddest mental sensation; it felt like a psychic hug. It was, for lack of a better way to put it, warm and fuzzy. Sadly, it was fleeting, and I can't remember what exactly it was. It reminded me of well-made model trains, my aunt's warm laugh, warm calzone, and bunnies. I wish it lingered a little while longer; I really want that warmth right now. My weekend really sucked, the tires on my pickup are acting up, I still don't have enough money for college, I'm not happy with myself, and now The Others (don't ask) are taking care of a dog that barks and growls at the mere sight of me.


On the bright side, I think I have a great idea for a Puzzlebox character. I'm going to run with it a little more, and then I'll actually type some of it out.

More fun stuff: Fotobuilder! ghostangel, we should start messing with this EM-MEADE-IDIOT-LY. :3

One more fun thing in life: I'm putting "serious" "thought" about founding an LJ community for icon-construction and sharing. I think it would be a nice place to share Livejournal icons, distribute them, give tips and tutorials, show off, and just be icon-crafting spazzes. I'm thinking of calling it something like "iconsmithery" or "iconmancers." Perhaps something simple, like "icons?" Kinda vauge, though...

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