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Mass Variety Pack Post!

Instead of a normal, one-subject post, I've decided to post several mini-posts simultaneously. Something for almost everyone! I hope it is a welcome addition to your friends page.

The post-accident stuff.

Now that D.O.D.'s back from fishing, he's helping me do all the clean-up errands and obligations after the car accident and subsequent bogus citation. Apparently, he may get free legal under his company's benefit package. I love FedEx's package! I have to pick up thetakogun in the wee hours of Sunday morning, and my truck won't be repaired by then. Blast! I guess all of Anchorage is going to get a good laugh at my arm turn-signaling. Laugh while you can, Anchorage. Laugh whilst thou can; I shall have my truck repaired under the insurance for the inattentive fool that got us into this situation to begin with, and I shall use my left turn signal with abandon! ABANDON!

Or at least at every left turn I make.

...Which I shall go out of my way to make with ABANDON!

A dream.

The subtitle says it all, so I'll jump right into it:

I was in some house eating a delicious hamburger. Sun poured through the large glass doors and windows of the house. I admired the forest view from the bar at which I sat, as well as admiring the hamburger. Oh, man, it was a big slab of marinated beef with grilled onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. Perhaps it seems petty to admire the beauty and taste of a fictional food item, but that was a good sandwich.

I wasn't entirely alone: while I was eating, a person or two would occasionally wander through the room. Sometimes, they came in groups and talked happily as they passed through. None of them spoke to or addressed me, but I enjoyed knowing they were there.

Eventually, I got up and walked along the paved, markless road the house was situated along-side. I didn't get far before I noticed a gigantic wolf walking along the other side of the road with a naked woman on his back.

The wolf's head — which was possibly as large as my entire upper body — would have been level with mine if he had stood beside me. His fur was mostly black, except for a dark gray patch on his abdomen and chest. Although he was a wolf, I sensed that he somehow had many capacities that we would otherwise call human. When he looked back at me, his eyes seem to reflect a human-like intellect. (A co-worker I inadvertently blab to all the time commented that this sounded like a were-wolf.)

The woman was naked and seemed unconscious. She looked as if the wolf has somehow put her on his back: she was perfectly laying face-down, with her arms dangling over his shoulders. She was remarkably attractive, although I can't recall any details like hair color, skin shade, or any distinguishing features – she was just a splendid example of female human beauty, alright?

The wolf paused to look at me for a moment, but quickly started walking again. He continued to look at me while he did so, and his movements seemed to indicate he was playing with the idea of banking into the forest. I didn't feel powerless, but instead stupefied as to what I should do. I felt that the wolf was waiting for me to do something, but neither of us knew what. I couldn't really interfere with whatever was going on, and I don't think anybody could even know what was going on. Was the wolf abducting the woman? Saving her? Innocently transporting her?

In any case, I woke up realizing that the only thing I wanted to do was to follow the wolf... and the woman.

Both of them.

(I can't figure out any meaning behind this one at all. Well, except for the fact that I'm a very curious, open-minded person, and I knew that already.)

The comic one!

I read online web-comics. One of my faves is Altermeta! Well, the author, Kasey, linked to a comic entitled Wapsi Square. I spent time here and there reading through the whole archives, and I recommend the comic. The characters are cute and charming, and their domestic adventures in the Twin Cities are a hoot to follow. As if many of you aren't sold already, it also has a big sub-plot involving gods, ancient forgotten languages, and a little wise-cracking Aztec god of booze. Feel free to read that last part as many types as you want. When we say he makes a mean martini, he actually makes it. Poof. An awesome martini. Suddenly, polytheism seems more attractive, huh? ^_^

The only detracting aspect to this comic is... uh...


So, if you read web-comics, give Wapsi Square a look!

Additionally, you should be reading Pastel Defender Heliotrope. If you ain't, I'll cut you mayn, I'll cut you!

Finally, the really stupid one.

Did you know about the Forbidden Slash Vault? Well, it's a secret hidden vault that contains all of the forbidden slash that people have made, will make, or could be conceived. Every once and a while, we open 'er up and pull some random article out. It reminds us of how much worse it could be, y'know?

So, without any further ado! *Cracks open the FSV with a loud creaking noise, and a dark mist spills out.* Oh my... Well, let's take a look at this one near the door. No... reason to go in... there. *Picks up the closest possible file.* Oh, a Matrix-based entry! The rest of the details have been scratched off the label, though. Let's start! *Opens to a random page.*
“Why? Why, Mr. Anderson, why get up?” said Agent Smith,

Hmm, that doesn't sound that different from —
“Stay here in bed with me!”

Ohhhhh my. 0_o *Leafs through it.* ...Well! Ahem, Smith's multiplicity is used... interestingly in this. Yeah, I'm not going to read that part. In fact, I'm not reading this at all. Well, we should fix the label on this one. *Fills out the rest of the label on the file, and fills the characters field with “Neo/Agent Smith”, lobs it in, and slams the door.* X_X

So, until next time, remember: It Could Be Worse.
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