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What's goings-on in the on-goings.

I haven't been talking too much online. Not much forum surfing, chatting, emailing, commenting, and so on. This isn't some type of digital hermitry, I assure you. It's called college -- I've been hit with a ton to things to do and I can barely even spare the time to type up this little post, sleep, eat, or do all of the ocean-load of homework they dumped on me.

In conlcusion, don't cry for Kahn.

Oh, wait! Lately, I've been getting into iTunes, and... and... I don't understand it! It's such a maze of a program, especially when you throw in that store! It certainly doesn't replace Winamp, but it might prove to be a nice source of new music. (Why am I pretending that I have disposable income?! XP)

In other news, zzzzzzzzzz...

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