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Recorded in IRC format for your pleasure. Additionally, it's ribbed.

Mekahoel: [...]with special guest, Whitesnake!
PG-elf: Who are they?
Mekahoel: A metal hair band.
Mass Treble: They are in no way actual snakes, though.
Mass Treble: Which is too bad.
Mass Treble: If they were reptiles, they could have been a /scale/ metal band.
Mekahoel: ...
PG-elf: *Pretends not to hear that*
Mekahoel: Sam, I'm sorry, but that joke was just... crap. XP
Mass Treble: :3

To completely change the topic, I'm really sorry: I haven't even touched my friends page in almost a week. I'm slowly drifting away from the Internet. I don't know how to feel about it, because it feels like I'm drifting away from everything lately. I've been kind of burned out on drawing, I'm slacking on my classes (don't worry: I'm not slacking too much. I'm in the slack comfort-zone. I'm a good student -- I stud all the time and well!), and I've been a miserable conversationalist for the past few weeks. It's like I'm suffering from Chronic Lack of Inspiration. (CLI) It's like... I'm missing a part of my spirit or something.

I mean, "(punchline)"?! WTF? X/

Edit: Fixed the stuff behind the cut. It makes sense now.
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