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Interesting idea chased by lewd imagery!

Hey. How would you like to talk to moi? Guess what! Guess what it is! You can! ^_^ My username is obvious: 'mass_treble'.

Imagine: you're sitting alone, staring at your computer. You blink and click a link. You close your eyes, fighting back the tears, and sigh. A sparrow falls to the cold ground outside the window. That's life without my voice coming through your computer speakers. Now imagine: you're sitting alone, staring at your computer. You blink and click a link while I say stupid stuff over your computer speakers. You flinch, hands instinctively fly to your hot loins. Shuddering, you moan in joyful ecstasy. A bunny farts out a cloud of happy, filling the air with the scent of love (and carrots). You can have the later -- you can have inexplicable orgasms, happy cloud farting bunnies, and stupid stuff coming out of your speakers! There isn't even a choice! Download! Just... download! 0_0
Tags: complete nonsense, whee

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