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This one is actual post that is actually worth your actual time! I've wanted to unleash a post like this for a long time. So, let's get started.

Okay, first is my faaaave. Jennifer Diane Reitz's Unicorn Jelly was on online comic that ran for about three years. It stopped because it was finished. There was a planned, definite begining and ending. This is one of the 'smartest' webcomics you can find online.
If you liked that, then you'll like Pastel Defender Heliotrope. You don't have a choice: you have to read this one. If you're reading this text right here (you are), you are obligated to read this comic. *Shuffles his papers and doesn't look at you* Get to it. Chop chop. Read-y read-y.

Altermeta is about a very complicated world populated by-- naw, that's no fun. It's about a group of friends and their entirely normal lives. Yup. Nothing interesting at all. Yeaaaup.

Dragon Tails is either on a long hiatus or permanently cancelled. See what happens when you don't have a plan? It's a great comic, though. It's rendered in glorious 3-D!

Kevin & Kell is done by Bill Holbrook, the same guy that does "On The Fastrack." Kevin, a rabbit, marries a wolf, Kell. It's all about them, their children, and the International Bird Conspiracy.

Commander Kitty. He's the worst starship captain ever.

Pixel is about pixels and their lives.

Van Von Hunter: Hunter of evil... stuff. There's nothing else like it. I dare you to read this and not laugh at something. If you do, and you don't laugh, I'll KILL YOU. > |

Ozy & Millie is a wonderful comic about... uh... Ozy & Millie, two youngsters pondering the odd world that we all live in. (If you like Calvin and Hobbes or Bloom County, this one's for you.)

Bob the Angry Flower is a divider, not a uniter. You either love it, or you hate it. If you are one of the latter, you are just may die before you are ever find happiness. I'm sorry: there's nothing we can do. As to everyone else, what can I say (besides eternal Earthly happiness)?

With Slow Wave, the author takes people's dreams and makes them into comics. What a great idea you'll never be able to say that you've had. Then again, have you ever had a good idea? Like... ever? Wait, wait -- you have! Oh, geez, you've had hundreds! Why aren't you making them comics like this? Ohhhhh... I see. Your ideas are too good for us. I understand.

Real Life is a genre-maker: it started the entire "main character and group of friends based on author and his/her friends who have wacky mis-adventures and such" thing. Occasional gamer jokes.

Order of the Stick is about table-top RPGs from the in-game perspective. The characters are entirely aware of their stat-sheet-backed existance. D&D-parodying hijinks ensue.

Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire is an extremely clever, pun-tastic "fantasy" comic. The main character is an oracle who has a very interesting life, friends, and enemies.

Catharsis is about Gwen, her younger alter-ego, and Rremly the dragon. Oh, yeah, and Baxter the squirrel

Wapsi Square is a little more on the domestic side. A group of women, a very intelligent dog, and a little Aztec god of alcohol.

Copper is the most beautifal comics I've ever seen. Someday, I'll do comics like this.

Kid Radd is another one of those comics with an ending. It's the only sprite comic I care about, because it is absolutely original. The sprites, the plot, and the (cyber)world. Completely original.

Grand Blue Door. An old superstition says that demons can't get through blue doors. There is a hotel with just such a door -- a hotel of the wonderful.

Diesel Sweeties is a gag strip (kinda) about love and robots. It's pixelated style is famous.

"Tailsteak's" 1/0 is a brilliant experimental comic about a group of characters that are perfectly aware of their existance. As you notice, it concluded. Yup, another one.
Tailsteak's site isn't a comic, but he updates it with so much great stuff you might as well treat as one.

DMFA is an adorable and attractive comic about Miss Mab, Dan, and her friends.

El Goonish Shive is about a group or teenagers and stuff that gets turned into other stuff.

Girly is from the man who brought us Wendy. *Doesn't say any more to be annoying*

Zebagirl is a wonderfully drawn comic about a girl that gets turned into a demon. Ness. Demoness.

Our Home Planet boasts a style that you'll always remember. incredible lines form the most 'alive' contours I've ever seen. Picasso would love this comic.

Achewood cannot even be described.

Free fall is about Sam (a criminal alien slacker), Helix (the loveable robot), and Florence (the intelligent, responsible genetically engineered... engineer).

Sore Thumbs is a "political gaming manga". The only purpose for the comic is to screw with everyone reading it. You can't help but feel that the readers are all being made fun of, and they are oblivious to it.

A Softer World combines a single photograph and some text to form comics frothing with emotion.

Wigu is a very original comic about a lad named Wigu, his family, and the characters of his favorite cartoon.

RPG World is a psuedo-parody of console RPG games. See, the comic is actually a game that we are sort of watching. Somehow, you end up caring about the characters. It's how it drawns you in.
Starsomething is drawn by the same guy, but written by somebody else. Sci-fi had it coming.

Wow. I read a lot of webcomics.

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