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Pre-final BDA.

Alright. Okay. Here we go! Huh! Huuuh! (Enough Cake refrains for now: we have a post to compose!)

It looks like I'm going to pass all of my classes. Reassuring: I shall promptly forget the follow in one week:
  • The basics and finer points of trigonometry.

  • Any sense of the literature of the world.

  • Any sense of the history of the last century.

  • The understanding of the multiple artistic disciplines and their component parts.

  • How to sketch with pencils and charcoal; how to do washes and use ink; the use of pastels; and many other drawing skills.

  • How to sexually pleasure humans and many other sentient creatures. (It was an elective.)

Yup. Dat's a pretty good chunk of knowledge right there. Heck, I'd say it is an entire INT point. *Nods and upgrades his stat sheet* Oh, goodness, did I just type that? Dorothy, Lena, Sawyer and cgranade are infecting my mind with nerdness! Augh!

Speaking of Dorothy, she showed me how colored pencils can look pretty neat. I'm thinking of playing with mine a little! makzu, you just may get your Final Fantasy-themed fun-ness you've been wanting. IN COLOR. Also, in STEREO, SO IT'S IN COLOR COLOR.

The longer I let this post run, the dumber it gets. 0_o

Oh, and one more thing. I just got this email from my history instructor:

Dear Students,
Please forgive me but we made a slight goof up in our computer entry, as we forgot to put the curve in the program that I gave you for the midterm. Those getting this email (and you can email me back to confirm this is not a joke) are excused from the final because your grade to this point, minus the study group extra points, was an "A."

Congratulations and good luck with your other finals!
best wishes,
Prof Cole

What do you make of this? Personally, I'm failing my reality tests right now. Is this real? Is anything real?

In conclusion,
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