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I'm not talking about LJ memes, so you know.

A couple of memes I would like to see clever counter-memes created for and why:

1: "Science == a religion."

This is a very, very, very dangerous meme. If science is a religion, than there is no measurable truth. No, even worse: there is no truth. "Proof? Evidence? Pah! Personal beliefs are equal to reality!" We'd be in an Orwellian novel if we let this meme spread to its zenith point. Science is not a religion.

2: "Somebody has too much time on their hands!"

This was never witty. Never. Furthermore, if the subject matter is something that the target cares about, had a lot of fun doing, or may serve a fun, practical or useful purpose, than how can one even imagine that there is something better for the target to do? That's what this statement really means: "You wasted your time doing this." In any of the situations in which this was true, did it really apply? Also, why wasn't the person that said it beaten to a pulp by everyone in the immediate area? Makes ya' think.

All of that being said, I read a bunch of Redwall. Redwall and Mossflower. Fun fiction, but I'm having problems with scale on the characters and such. I mean, what size is Martin in refference to Tsarmina? Cornflower to the Abbey? Matthias to Constance? Cluny to his army? Lady Amber to the castle at Kotir? (Character, structure, object or geographical area) to (Character, structure, object or geographical area)?
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