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What is it with my dreams having art styles?

I had a comic book kinda dream. It was a combination of the Justice League and the Megaman Battle Network series.

There was this generic Internet superhero and his partner, a colorful version of the Linux penguin. They were thwarting "Soccer Mom", who was this Wisconsin-accented woman with a round, soccer-ball patterned body. She was going to use this big machine to make the 'net child-friendly -- in essence, censor half the content of the web. After a little superhero-supervillian dialouge, the Linux penguin reversed the polarity of the machine (which made the entire Internet un-censored).

Right after that, they had to stop the Goons from blowing up the Internet. (The Goons were this huge crowd of guys in white with the Something Awful grenade logo on their chests. Blame my subconcious. XP) They had this gigantic black grenade, but they seem to have trouble pulling the gigantic pin. They had some classic villian-y reasons for wanting to blow up the Internet, and there was a little collective monologuing on that, too. They were disrupted by (blame my subconcious for this one, too) by a Loonitics-style version of queenofstripes, the Stuporhero.

Yes, I spelled that right: stuperhero. It's somebody who behaves like a typical superhero, but isn't aware of it. I guess it could be classified as a form of dissociative personality disorder. I guess it works out okay, because it's the ultimate secret identity: even the superhero themself doesn't know who they are! I'm sorry I accidently invented this. XP

Anyhow, queenofstripes disrupted the giant pin-pulling, and there was some angry and dramatic words exchanged between the three heroes and the villians, but somehow...

...they all happily ended up at a birthday party of some miscellaneous little girl.

I don't get it either.
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