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Fri, Apr. 8th, 2005, 02:35 pm
Uh oh.

[Not good.] (From relee.)

Sun, Apr. 10th, 2005 08:08 pm (UTC)
cgranade: Not bad, either.

This can't go anywhere, since by definition, the law only has any effect if it is destroyed, in which case it has no effect. Thus, what worries me is the fact that the political atmosphere is currently such that this is seen as acceptable. Do you know who put forth this piece of solacy?

An aside: Lunacy seems ill-wrought to describe it. I don't attribute the problems these people have to too much exposure to the night. Far more likely their brains were fried- hence, sol = sun, or solacy, as in solace. Solace: the comfort afforded by the sun. Solacy: insanity caused by overexposure to the infulence of the sun. Time for me to seek my lunace.

Another aside: The aside is twice as long as the comment?

Yet another aside (YAA): 22 hours of sleep seems to induce effects similar to drinking, or to solacy.

Still another aside: How many asides can I get? Are you still reading this? Go do something productive, now.

Mon, Apr. 11th, 2005 03:55 am (UTC)
masstreble: Mystery men.

No, I don't know who introduced it (and not for lack of trying to find out). I'm curious myself.