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Simultaneously satisfies and informs. O_Q

I glanced over the last month's worth of posts, and I realize I haven't said anything of value in a while. To justify this, I'm going to throw a bunch of excuses out there. *Shoots in the dark*

I had a bunch of final projects due! It's the end of the semester! I've been studying for my finals! I've got to pack up to move back to dial-up land on Thursday! Second Life! I haven't had anything worthwhile to say! Everything on my friends page over the last couple months have been pretty heavy, so I've been reluctant to make posts like, "Yay I'm doing good! ^__^" and such!

There. I hope that simultaneously satisfies and informs. Now I offer a bad joke that only children of the eighties would understand:

What happens when you get sound at the same frequency as radio waves?
Highlight for answer: REALLY AWESOME METAL, DUDE! X ]
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