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There isn't much I really hate in this world. Dislike, yes, but not hate. One of those few things, though, is saying goodbye. I don't mean a little goodbye -- a "see you tomorrow" bye -- but a full-on "I'll see your in three months to two years" bye. Unfortunately, I've had to share a lot of those today.

On the bright side, I'm moving back down to sunny Palmer tomorrow, and I'll be in my official home for a few months. I'll be in dial-up land, but I'll be on Trillian more -- just like every summer.

There's no good way to end this post, is there? It's all sad, and I want to ballance it out. Hmmmm. Oh, I know! I did really well on my finals (blew them out of the water, you might say), and I'm twelve credits closer to a shiny piece of paper that says I'm Art Smart. Wait, that's good! There was a good way to end this post! Oh, yeaaah!

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