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Another masstreble Fun-Pak! (I don't have enough for a real post. M'bad.)

Did you notice that there are no one-word synonyms for "thesaurus"? We should remedy that. The synonymtome deserves recursiveness.

We just had a few small earthquakes here. Shortly after them, I noticed that many of the spiders that hang around the corners of the house were now wandering around. (This was especially noticable because we have a lot of spiders in our house.) Is there a correlation? Did the earthquake arouse the arachnids? *Is assaulted, arrested, and accosted.*

Two guys are waiting on a subway platform for their train, which was disgustingly late. One of the guys says, "Ahhh! Talking subway!" and the subway says, "But I didn't say anything yet!" I interupted, "You two ruined the joke!" and the other guy responds, "Ahhh! Talking narrator!"

In the absence of the Internet, I understand just how attachted to it I am. I have mixxed feelings about this: [Roxicatt] is one of the many people who 'vacation' from the Internet because they realize they have life-impacting addictions to it. I certainly hope I don't develop to that degree of over-reliance, but I have found how much the 'net has woven itself into my mind over the last few days: for the first few days, I found myself stupor-like, almost like I was having difficulty merely thinking. It wasn't withdrawls, but actually the effects of un-incorporation: small facts and bits of data that I could obtain almost instantly now feel like they are inaccessable. In a way, it's like having a small lobotomy at the same time as a small amputation.

I should be the first-ever cleric for The God of Internet. Biology people and engineers: get working on a way to make me connected to the 'net with my brain all the time, wherever I go. Theology and humanities people, study and talk about The God of Internet, so I can be sure sie's in the pantheon. I want to be able to cause "133t W0UNDS" by the end of the year.
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