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Today has been a big sex and pornography-filled adventure.

That has to be the drollest subject post I've ever typed. XD

Earler today, I was failing at making my room not suck when dad came in and sat down at my computer. While I "WTF?"ed, he got online completed some random online chore. Then he disconnected and started just dicking around on my computer while I fight the nerd instinct to defend my turf and kick him off. He was just opening random folders and such, but eventually he made his way to the "my pictures" folder. By the looks of it, he was looking for porn. (Not to be the morality police or anything -- quite the opposite: he was bored and wanted to look at porn, I think.) Luckily, he didn't find either a) my pile of stashed porn that would make him Never Look At Me The Same Way Again or b) the huge pile of anatomy refference pictures that might be mistaken for very cold, soft porn.

Later on, he commented that I don't need my drawing table because I never use it. This made me also realize c) any of the more carnal things I drew on that table (and scanned for some reason).

So, all of that behind me, I hopped onine and I see these two (work-safe) posts on my friends page:
Spite and Mentos* and somebody's fun on Second Life.

When it rains, it... nevermind. XD

* I know what I'm doing tomorrow! :D
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