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"Now I can remember what you look like because I've seen a picture of you licking a fish!"

  • I got a better job working at with the local government! At the landfill! It's like a joke, but it isn't. See? Dadaistic humor. It's true, though. See? That's dadaistic humor. Also, I got stung by a bee while at my (better) job today. I felt kind of bad for the thing: if it had not excited when I grabbed that piece of plastic that I wasn't aware that it was on, it wouldn't have died slowly of disembowelment. I could learn a lot from that bee's mistake.
    May 2005 - June 2005

  • Dang it! I've been trying silently for years to get Google to pick me up with that exact sequence of characters (my 'Static', as I like to call it), but it won't take! Auuugh!

  • You know what's a good idea? Big, black boots with metal buckles, steel-toed and big rubber soles... with rip-cords comin' off the back! Imagine it. I wish I could go on SecondLife and make those boots. Dial-up ruined my boots.

  • I just realized that everything's better with ripcords. Wait, that's not true! Babies with rip-cords is a terrible idea. Or funerals, those aren't improved by rip-cords in the slightest! NM!

  • I should start spiffing up my Livejournal. I've been meaning to do it, but, ach! The time!

  • Maybe I should put rip-cords on my livejournal.
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