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Tue, Jul. 19th, 2005, 06:59 am
To those that think they are far away:

You've lived all your life on a Ball of Stuff, floating around a sun, in space. You are essentially floating through space right now, and for the rest of your life. You aren't what you think you are: there all kinds of little creatures that live in you, around you, are you – you are a Ball of Stuff yourself, teeming with life and emotion. When you breathe, you share some of the same Stuff that I breathe, and some of the creatures that make you sometimes find themselves with me, and become a part of me. We are made out of the same fabric that this universe is weaved from. Even if it seems like we are so far away, we are one. Thus, I am always with you, and you are beautiful.

Wed, Jul. 20th, 2005 01:10 am (UTC)

Oh, that occured to me while I was thinking this. I also thought that those same farandolae were once innocent and will one day be again, one way or another. In their strange little way, they sometimes inadvertently make things beatiful (or beatiful things), too.

...And some of them don't want to sing because they're afraid to. ;]

Wed, Jul. 20th, 2005 01:12 am (UTC)

Oh, that occured to me while I was thinking this.

Oh, yeah. I totally went poet laurreatte there. X3