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A fox broke the silence for me.

Being perfectly aware of how cliché this is, I apologize about the long silence between my last two posts. I've got a battery of inadequate yet plausible excuses if you want to hear any of them! However, instead of wasting all our time with those, let's just carry on as if it didn't happen.

I saw a fox. I work at a small landfill as a laborer this summer, and I was cleaning up this scenic (but littered) trail area. It's pretty lonesome back there, and the only company I've had back there is a truck and millions of insects. At about noon today, a few of the insects and I took a short break to eat a sandwich in the truck. While I was trying to minimalize the insects' share of the sandwich, I noted a small brownish head poking up out of the grass about three meters from the truck. It was a cautious juvenile male fox! It walked onto the trail, in front of the truck, eyeing me the entire time. It ran down the trail, banked into the woods, and vanished into the pseudo-wilderness. I'm going to goink raiblu's style and say it was a good omen.

I'm tempted to try to write about several different topics in the same post right now. I have a few good post germs, but I don't think I can develop any of them into complete entry that I can be proud of (or that people would be drawn into reading, thinking about, and discussing in comments). I'm not good at this LJ thing! I QUIT FOR ANOTHER THREE DAYS!!* :< :< :<

* No, not really.
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