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What's crazy?

Imagine breakfast: let's start with a plate and a glass. Put some orange juice in the glass and couple of flap-jacks on the plate. Put some hash browns and bacon on there, too. Throw in some of those jelly packets, butter, and your favourite utensils; we're ready to go! Alright, now let's take out that fork and whatever crazy utensils you put in on the table. Also, there's no food, or plate, or juice, or glass. In fact, there's no table and there's no breakfast. Now, imagine that instead of breakfast, this applied to everything: all possibilities, all objects, everything – you're constantly dealing and thinking about Every Possible Thing that Isn't Around You at the same time that you're trying to operate with What Is. In other words, your brain understands the concept of 'zero' too well: you see zero of Everything in the same sense that you see one of your office, or one your car in your singular driveway on one sunny evening, or three cupcakes on one table. Imagine having to parse this non-reality (the Not) from reality (the Is) every moment of your thinking life.

That's crazy, isn't it?
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