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Sorry about the silence. I've been a tad busy moving, and just now adjusting to classes. Speaking of which, we're using Macs in our pixel painting lab, so here's what I had to say about it while I was in class:
Day 1: Mac OS X has some interesting differences from the Window-IBM operating systems that I'm more accustomed to. I'm having problems 'locating' programs to launch them. The dock menu is a useful tool, and not as obnoxious as a particular video editor described it. I also notice that the OS isn't in-your-face: the program bar (console) changes with each program -- an important difference from Windows, yes!

The machine itself is somewhat perplexing in its efficiency. I had difficulty finding the switch to turn it on, much to my technophileembarrassment. The entire machine is consolidated down to one big slab,with the LCD monitor embedded in the front. The design sense is veryminimalist, but aesthetic: smooth curves, lots of transparent surfaces, and a saturation of perfectly placed Macintosh logos. I've only seen evidence of one drive: a vertical slot on the right side of the monitor, about ten centimeters long. As Lee once humorously illustrated, the drivesare operating solely by the OS software. Uh-oh! I'm foreseeing that I'm going to have difficulty adjusting to that. The mouse, yes, has only one seamless button -- an absolutely symmetrical plastic mound. The keyboard is more compact than the IBM-types I usually work with. Not many differences in content, though. The File keys go all the way out to "F16". Well! A "print screen" button would be nice, but none is seen. I'll bet it is possible to copy a screenshot to the clipboard, or do something like it. Wait, Mac OS X has a clipboard, right?

Many of those old handy Window tricks work here, too. Alt-Tab has turned into Apple-Tab, but it feels like the same. Oh, hell, it is. Now I just have to figure out what the Alt/Option button is for, and how to use it. The "control" button is more important in OS X. Important update: Alt works like control does on -- Aoki-sensei just indirectly gave me the STFU, so going to stop typing now. :x
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