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The great big fat comic post.

I read webcomics. I read many webcomics. A year ago, I made a post much like this, but it is woe-fully incomplete, and I neglected to tag it very well. Okay, we didn't have tags then — a minor technicality. So, for everyone's sakes, here's a gigantic list of comics that you can read and follow on the Internet. I intend to keep this sucker updated, too, so if I lose my bookmarks again, it isn't a big deal. Then, in January 2006, I returned once again! I added even more things, including this explanatory line. I imagine I'll be back many more times.

One more thing: all comics are assumed to be NSFW. They're comics, and you're not supposed to read those at work. (In other words, who cares either way, click away!) (Jan. 2006 note: Okay, I went a little crazy with this disclaimer. I'll give warnings about especially graphic or sexy ones.)

Updated daily.

Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire. Things like this will save the fantasy genre. (Don't tell lordmookie I said that.)

Kevin and Kell's author, Bill Holbrook, is a prodigiously active and nerdy cartoonist. He also does On the Fastrack, from the newspapers. No, I'm not going to give you the URL to that. Neener-neener-neener, I make you use Google!

Catharsis is infectious. No, really, you'll break out into hives if you read it! It's 'cause J.B. is really an alien sporeling! OH NO!

After I first made this post, Toothpaste For Dinner was recomended to me several million times, and I have to say that I'm happy I checked it out. Simplistic and straight-forward.

Married To The Sea is kind of related to Toothpaste, by family. It's in the clip-art genre, but very witty.

Weekdays, that's what these get updated on.

Paul Taylor's Wapsi Square seems innocent at first, but then you notice that it is really weird. By then, it is too late.

bluerain's Ozy & Millie comes from a proud tradition of Calvin & Hobbes and Bloom County. It is a classic, high-quality cartoon romp, and you will fall in love with the characters, even when they shave you completely hairless or light you on fire in the process of illustrating an interesting philosophical argument.

Diesel Sweeties/ is visually exciting and can stick to a theme like few other comics can.

Achewood uses unconventional writing and ironic imagery to create a unique comic experience. Now for the low-low price of 99.99.99.

Questionable Content. You can read it. Don't be scared.

3 times/week.

El Goonish Shive. Elllll Goooooonich Shiiiiiive. Transformation gun. Mmm-hmm.

Order of the Stick: Our Author Won't Tell That Mass Treble Deep Linked. (Hopefully.)

Comics like Freefall just may save the sci-fi genre.

Pastel Defender Heliotrope and To Save Her: two comics on one page! They're set in the same multi-verse, and for the great god Crap's sakes, read them. First, you might want to read Unicorn Jelly, cause you should read it anyhow.

Girly is from Josh Lesnick, who also did Wendy.

Tailsteak isn't actually a comic, but instead a dumping ground for miscellanea, including short comic series. So it kind of is, but it isn't.

Everyone reads Penny Arcade. I don't have to talk much about it.

Sore Thumbs can only be enjoyed by those who cannot take anything seriously. I think this has been the most amusing page thus far.

Jack is about the grim reaper. Kinda preachy, but stimulating.


Remember bluerain from up there? Well, he also has a political cartoon called I Drew This.

May 2006: Adding Newshounds. It made a great weekend of comic reading. Thanks, kevinjdog.

I wish I could update twice a week.

Everybody reads Mac Hall.

Everybody reads Megatokyo.

I miss the days when ian_j's RPG World used to update. :.[ Don't tell him that I said that.

Cat and Girl... Okay, I simply cannot think of anything clever to say today. That's just the way it is.

!UPDATE! Umlaut House from maskedretriever is an interesting read. He's taken to calling it "Beating a Dead Comic" since a few months ago.

Something Happens, also from kevinjdog is a gag strip. Wonderful absurdist fun.

Once a week.

Von Van Hunter: Hunter of Evil... Stuff.

Pixel: adventures in hex.

The Perry Bible Fellowship.

PowerPuff Girls Doujinshi, how many of those are there?

Zebra Girl. No, she's not a Zebra. That's just the comic's name.

Altermeta: I can't admit to myself that it's dead.

Las Lindas reminds me of Wapsi Square in that they both have sensual and simple character designs, which serves both as a source of charm. The characters can be kind of annoying, but they contrast off of each other very well. It's also the type of comic with an ending, so I'll eventually have a note of its completion here, too.

Slightly Damned is read by several people I know personally, and they joined forces to get me to read it. It went like this:

One of them: "Hey, you should read this comic."
Me: "Sure!"

Amazing, huh? The comic has a rock as a main character. No, you don't get it: a rock, not a golem or animated stone, no, she's a rock. Check the character page if you don't believe me.

Inhuman I found by kind of surfing links from Slightly Damned. It's completely different, but very interesting. Sci-fi, kind of gloomy, but not extremely.

Updates when it damn well pleases.

Pawn, a silly adults-only comic.

!UPDATE! ghostangel, update yo comic, Rainwalks rawr! Xo

A long time ago, I read ceruleanst's Absurd Notions, but I stopped for some insane reason. Kinda in hiatus as this was typed, but I want you to read it anyhow. Nerdy-sans-crass is moving.

Why do I keep forgetting Bob the Angry Flower?

Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life is a nice chaser to many other serial-style comics. Transient and heavy in content, but great sense of humor.

Plywood only makes any sense if you spend some time on Second Life. That condition being met, it is a silly but affectionate glance at the SL experience. (relee gave us the link!)

Haiku Circus once ran in our college rag, but the editor had it chopped. I felt a need to hunt it down on the web shortly after. I find this strip intoxicatingly charming.

For even more comics action, check out the comments, or we'll roll you up into our comimari.

You'll make a fine star. ♥
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