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Wed, Sep. 7th, 2005, 11:45 pm
Plays well with others.

acertaindoebear found something fun. What a way to waste a few hours! Of course, I'm doing more important things, but not when I got the link.

Speaking of acertaindoebear, xie kind of intimidates me. It isn't something xie is doing, rather something I seem to be doing. I keep saying things that could have been phrased better or not said at all every time acertaindoebear is reading. It makes me feel real awkward. A curse, perhaps?

Mon, May. 15th, 2006 11:08 pm (UTC)

Oh, so you'd like to pass me around like a party favour, hmm?

Mon, May. 15th, 2006 11:25 pm (UTC)
holophote: dammit, I made that public post completely in confidence.

Should I read this in a Joe Pesci voice? ;/ I can't tell if you're PO'ed or not.

Ah, the fun of unearthing old comments...